One-Stop Solution

  • One order to fulfill digitizing your legacy photo prints, negative films, 8mm, miniDV and VHS Cassettes.
  • Browsing your photos and videos online in one gallery.

Quick Delivery

Upon receiving the media content, generally we deliver the digitized content online within 3 working days. Not fast enough? You may consider expedite order.


According to some reports, attitudes toward online advertising were negative, with a large percentage of consumers feeling online ads to be “annoying,” “distracting” and “all over the place.”

In eRBeauty.com, there is no advertisement on each page of the albums, photos or videos.

Access Protection

Password protected albums prevent unauthorized access and viewing of photos and videos

Data Protection

100% real-time redundancy of data prevents accidental loss of valuable customer photos and videos due to hardware failure.

System Protection

The web service powering the albums website is residing on a server under multiple firewalls such that the risk of server being compromised is reduced to significantly low level.

Terms of Use

The album site – media.erbeauty.com (the “Site“) is operated by eRBeauty.com (“we” or “us“). It is user’s responsibility to carefully read and understand the Terms of Use (“Terms“)

Content Limits

The services to converting prints, negative, positive slides and videos (“Content“) and hosting such Content provided by customers have the following limitations. Customers are not supposed to convey the following inappropriate Content to us, including:

  • without ownership of customer, or without consent of owner for posting the Content in the Site
  • violates somebody else’s rights, demeans another person
  • offensive, illegal or harassing

We are neither responsible for checking the copyrights of the Content nor under any obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate Content. We reserve the right to terminate customer’s use for violation of these prohibitions or similar activities.

Terms Of Services

Customers need to read the details of Terms of Services.

Do you have a wide collection of photos that are slowly fading, or a number of videos full of precious moments of your family and friends? If you are looking for an effective way to preserve and protect your images and video clips, our photo format conversion and video tape digitization services are the perfect solution for your needs. Here at eRBeauty.com, we want to help our customers safely store and access their information with our range of affordable solutions.

What is it?
Photo or video tape conversion is a means of turning your hard copy images, negatives, slide shows and video tapes into a digital format that can be viewed and shared easily online. Here at eRBeauty.com, we happily provide a range of conversion services that can work with hard copy prints, negatives, slides, VHS, 8mm film, MiniDV and much more.

What are the Benefits?
With many people taking photos and videos of their most precious moments, it makes sense to find a solution that ensures they are kept safe. Whether it’s the images taken on your wedding day, videos of your child’s first steps, a graduation or other special event, our media hosting service provides safe and reliable storage that offers great peace of mind. Our user friendly solutions make it easy to access, update and share files from anywhere, simply by using a smart device.

We provide exclusive online preview service for finished items prior to delivery of multi-media files. We understand that customers have high expectation on the quality of the converted multi-media files including photos and videos. With this service, the risk of getting low quality converted items will be completely mitigated.

Our team prides themselves on our fast and reliable services, and can often digitise content within 3 working days. What’s more, we allow you to view and enjoy your files without disturbance from advertisements.

To learn more about the benefits of a multi-media sharing platform, or to enquire about video tape digitization or photo format conversion for your needs, simply get in touch with our team today by sending us an email.